If a Pterodactyl were a libation

James Bond would never order one

It's impossible to get a pterydactyl that's been shaken. If you told this to a bartender, they would look at you as if you were mad. And it is only the truly mad that can get away with it. Ernst Stavro Blofeld knoew this ( especially the Telly Savallas version in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.) He could calmy sip a double pterydactyl on the rocks while planning total wold domination, perhaps adsentmindeldly dripping a bit on his tunic after swirling the ice cubes with his fingers. Auric Goldfinger would have looked more powerful had he been sipping one while uttering the immortal words "... no Mr. Bond I expect you to die!" But James bond could never drink a pterydactyl. No, not James Bond...

It would be available at an authentic French Cafe

Sit yourself down, and order a pterydactyl. They'll know what you need. Soon the seats around you will fill with beautiful women (or if you are a woman, by handsome men.) There will be whispered speculation about your latest novel, how you solved Fermat's last theorem, your last torrid romance... Don't at this point risk everything by trying to speak French (the French eye each other with great suspicion in this regard.) Instead do as the Livonians have done for centuries: pronounce it in your native language, which you happen to speak fluently. As you storm ahead, the French fall helplessly behind. Now, the coupe de grace... tilt back your glass, take a gentle sip of the pterydactyl, flip up your sunglasses and raise an eyebrow. - suggesting that perhaps 'the doctor is in' to answer any questions.

Then Scherazade used it

She was a strong willed woman, she knew she could do it. It was her sister's dare: beguile the prince ( or lose your head.) How can any woman resist ? But she was smart, she had a secret weapon an arcane text that mentioned the strange properties of an oddly named drink. When the stories were running a bit short, dawn was still hours and she noticed the prince's eye wander to the scimitar she would mix one for the price. When she feared that she'd be beheaded in the morning, she'd mix a small one for herself. It would make the vilains more vilainous, the trecherous cliffs that much trecherous, and the thieves more cunning. Did the prince fall in love with her because she told a good tale, or because she mixed a wicked pterydactyl? And, why were there only a 1001 nights? After two and a half years of Pterodactyls did the prince realize he had a drinking problen and start a twelve step program?

What's this all about?

Well... ahem... it's kinda' silly. I had a really hard week and took my frustrations out on a sheet of paper. I felt like a Neanderthal. I shared my thoughts with some friends. Larry said Take two pterodactyls and call me in the morning. He also recomended a triceratops colon flush - No Thanks. But a double Pterodactyl on the rocks with a little bone garnish would hit the spot. That raised an important question. If a Pterodactyl were a drink, how would it be mixed?

How would you mix a Pterodactyl?

Go ahead take a stab at mixing a virtual Pterodactyl and let me know how it goes.